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VO+ is a single page website designed to meet the needs of voice over professionals.

Website Ownership and Licensing

VO+ is a service based platform and as such, retains the rights and ownership to the provided website designs. Website designs are non transferable and remain the property of VO+. If subscription is canceled, website visuals cannot be used in any media marketing or carried forward to a new website.

Domain Names

A standard domain name is chosen from available options, up to $19CAD/year market value. The client can suggest desired domain names and VO+ team will provide feedback on available options for the client to choose from. Available domain extensions include:

.ca .com .de .be .capetown .casa .ch .co.in .co.ca .durban .futbol .icu .in .joburg .li .name .nl .pictures .work .ws .xyz


VO+ retains all hosting rights to all websites provided. VO+ websites cannot be transferred to another hosting provider.


1 email address of 2GB is included of client’s choice using the supplied domain name.


Design setup is when the team at VO+ take the required information from you and design a custom look around the VO+ platform to match your branding. The design requires details that are outlined in the setup form in a welcome email.

Design Setup Requirements from Client

This is an example of some of the items we will ask of you in the setup form:

    • Branding colours

    • Fonts

    • Logo

    • Body Text for all sections

    • Photos

    • Style preferences (chosen from provided list)Preferred domain name or acknowledgement of domain transfer

    • Preferred email address

Design Setup Exceptions

In the event a client does not have a logo or branding guide, VO+ will supply a simple, text based logo along with colours supplied by client in the setup form to use for their VO+ website. This logo and branding cannot be used for other means and remains the ownership of VO+. The simple text logo and colours do not include revisions.

For a more thorough logo and branding experience, visit www.kiwicreative.ca and reach out to the Kiwi Creative team for assistance.

Design Setup Revisions

2 revisions are accepted during the design setup phase. Accepted revisions can be colour adjustments (from client provided information via setup form submission) , text adjustments, photo changes (from client provided photos via content form submission).


Handoff is after the client has approved the VO+ design and has access to the VO+ login for their site. A handoff email will be supplied with guides on how to make changes to your site for the eligible sections that can be updated.

Design Updates

Design updates are revisions to the website design after handoff of the VO+ website. Design cannot be updated by the subscription holder and can only be updated by VO+. Minor updates can be provided at a rate of $60/hour.

Accepted minor changes:

    • Colour changes

    • Logo changes

    • Image changes

    • Text changes

Unaccepted changes:

    • Layout

    • Layout adjustments

    • Section additions

    • Custom features/sections

Unaccepted updates fall into custom design work. For custom website design, please visit www.kiwicreative.ca and reach out to the Kiwi Creative team.


Payments are collected in Canadian Dollars through the VO+ online portal. Payment methods and details are not stored on the website and are stored with a third party payment portal supplier. Accepted payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Google Pay.

Missed Payments

In the event a payment cannot be processed or is declined, payment must be received within 14 days of being declined. It is the responsibility of the client to update our team of any credit card changes/updates. If payment is not received within the 14 day grace period, the associated website will be suspended until payment is received.


Subscriptions will be renewed automatically on a monthly or annual basis unless otherwise notified of cancellation. The renewal occurs on the same day of the month or same day of the year that the original purchase was made.


All payments, whether monthly or annual (first year) are non-refundable. For annual subscription renewals, you may contact us directly at orders@getvoplus.com within 14 days of your annual subscription renewal to request a cancellation as well as a refund. Any requests beyond the 14 day grace period on annual subscription renewals are non-refundable.


Cancellation of annual or monthly subscription can be made by contacting us directly at orders@getvoplus.com. Please allow 2-3 business days for processing. Cancellation must be requested within 14 days of your next monthly payment or annual subscription renewal. Any cancellations beyond the 14 day window will be processed the following billing cycle for monthly subscriptions. There is a 14 day grace period after annual subscription renewals are processed. You may contact us within 14 days of your annual subscription renewal to request a cancellation as well as a refund.

Domain Name

Domain names are owned by VO+. If client decides to cancel their subscription, they may purchase the domain name from VO+ at current market values, plus any additional transfer fees.


Email data is owned by the client and can be migrated upon cancellation. Migration is the sole responsibility of the client and not VO+. Email data will be deleted 30 days after cancellation of subscription, or until domain name is transferred away from VO+.

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